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My Aims

1. Aims for Africa

My work in the Girls Remand Home and Transit Home for Lost or Abandoned Children in Lagos, Nigeria, proved to me that education must be offered as early as possible since without basic education all other development projects will face problems in attempting to achieve lasting success.
Bringing schools to remote villages helps insure the continued existence of family systems. Children are still able to help in family fields while going to school and girls are given a fairer chance of obtaining an education.
Since the communities are in charge of all the planning concerning the schools we are building and the villagers participate actively and without compensation in the construction work, the villages are freed of the duty to be grateful to outside donors. The schools become the mental property of the villages and they are proud of them. Of course the communities are happy about the aid and solidarity from abroad, but they are proud to have added their own share to the project, within their capabilities.
Aid for self help projects activates initiatives within the communities. Such channeled help bears hope without domination of the communities; it does not make the villages dependent but builds feelings of self confidence and self value.
The construction of solid buildings that can withstand rains, winds, and heat, assures the possibility of education for many generations. The children grow into adulthood better prepared to address and satisfy the needs of an ever changing world.

2. Aims for the “well to do countries”

Better knowledge of historical facts should enhance honest solidarity without the expectation of gratefulness. For a long time Africa was the most important partner for Europe, a partner to whom we owe much of our prosperity and riches.
Authentic information about Africa and its people should help correct prejudices and misstatements concerning the continent. It should help explain a different social system and enhance the willingness to understand a people that may seem distant at first sight.
By making presentations and working with schools I hope to help open the minds of the young to enable them to meet people of different color and background with interest and warmth.