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NPO to support Work in West Africa

1. In Germany
To support the work of Astrid Toda in West Africa friends and supporters have created the NPO

Bildungswerk Westafrika e.V.

of this NPO is to support solidarity for development and education according the realized work of Astrid Toda.

The NPO tries to reach these goals

In Africa

By supporting education through helping with the construction of
Formation centers
Health care centers
In rural areas of the Republic of Benin under the committment and active participation of the village communities.

In Europe

By educating through speeches, talks, and discussions at schools and societies,

By promoting financial and material aid for the work of Astrid Toda.

The NPO is recognized and will issue donation certificates for Tax reduction. Membership is tax reductable.

Supportive NPO

Dr. Heinz Theo Kämmerling
Am Mühlenkreuz 21
50181 Bedburg

Phone ++49 (0) 2272 930 680

Carina Greger
Vice President

Walter Schmid
Eichbichelstr. 18
83071 Stephanskirchen

Phone ++49 (0) 8031 23 77 73

Donation account

Bildungswerk Westafrika e.V.
Account Number 15 90 18
Raiffeisenbank Oberaudorf
Routing Code 711 623 55
Bank Identifier Code (BIC). GENODEF1OBD
IBAN: DE03 7116 2355 0000 1590 18

Please insert your address in the field for special instructions (purpose) on your money transfer form to help us easily issue your donation certificate.
The address printed on your money transfer form does not show on the bank statement.
2. In Benin

Ecole de Solidarité e.V.

The NPO “Ecole de Solidarité” is registered under the number 2009/0481/DEP-LITT/SG/SAG-ASSOC at the Ministry of Decentralization, local Government, Administration and Organization of the territory.

Its objectives are:
  • to give support to groups of women and youngsters for their self-development in the field of social politics and culture
  • to create social/communal infrastructures for low-income population
  • to hold workshops in villages to address various topics especially in the field of health, environment, agriculture, and literacy
The seat of the NPO is in the community of Abomey-Calavi, Village Kansounkpa, plot without markings, House Kounouvi, PO Box 718 Abomey-Calavi, state Atlantic

Telephone: 00229 (Bénin) - 96 74 44 60

The NPO is being lead by an Administration Council and a commission of finances.

Members of the Administration Council

President: Benoit Ahlonsou
Vice-president: Simplice Kounouvi
Secretary: Augustin Kounouvi
Finances: Constant Acclombessi
Responsible for women's affairs: Zita Tossa

Astrid Toda is the founder of the NPO. She is also the person responsible for the NPO's activities and projects, which she is coordinating.

Donation account:

ONG “Ecole de Solidarité”
Qtier Kansounkpa CSB MS Kounouvi
BP 718 Ab-Calavi

B0061 01007 09293020010 91
Bank of Africa Benin

IBAN: BJ11 B006 1010 0700 9293 0200 1091