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There are many young people who want to physically support our work in West Africa. If you are one of them please read this information before applying.

Both NPO's “Bildungswerk Westafrika e.V.” and “Actions de Solidarité” are making all efforts to minimize the cost of administration as well as any costs that are not related to the projects themselves. Thus we try to keep the percentage of the donations used for the projects as high as possible. This is the reason why we have no means to pay flight tickets, vaccinations, housing, and cost of living for any visitors who want to work on the projects.

If you are willing to bear the cost for all of your own expenses to come to work with Beninese specialists, please contact us.

In many cases housing can be offered free of charge. For adults, the contribution towards the cost of living per week is 80 €, for young adults and students it would be 50 €.

Although we do work in the rural areas of the Republic of Benin, this does not mean that we offer adventurous holidays. We expect our volunteers to fit themselves into the village communities and meet them with respect.

We cannot recruit helpers on contract basis. We have no license which would, for Europeans, recognize working with us as practical training or as civil service replacing the draft requirement.

Important information:
To enter the Republic of Benin visa are mandatory and proof of a valid yellow fever vaccination has to be shown at the point of entry to the country. The colonial language is French.