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Appreciation of Sponsors

Appreciation of Sponsors by NPO Bildungswerk Westafrika

Bedburg, November 2016
Dear friends and supporters of our NPO,

with the year 2016 drawing to an end, we would like to give report about our work and school projects in Benin. In March, together with a delegation of our NPO, I traveled to Benin. At this occasion we handed over to children and teachers three newly built schools. In October, two members of our NPO from Rosenheim went to Benin with bulky luggage full of presents and opened the school of Tchoukou-Kpevi. Of the five schools built this year, the last one will be completed in December.

The inauguration ceremonies of schools are always something very special and important. The numerous children, with their principals, delegates from the municipalities, the country’s head office of construction, and representatives of the villagers, always make a friendly and solemn reception. Many speeches were held. The girls performed dances, all accompanied by a music group. Ms Toda is functioning as our interpreter to help us with the speeches and conversations with the participants. The name "Ecole de Solidarté" was on everyone's lips. The joy of the children about their new school is always very impressive. The villagers are satisfied and happy about the work they have accomplished.

We as well as Mrs. Proell, the representative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, were very impressed with the construction work and quality of the school buildings.

Including the school which will be completed in December, we have created secure school places for more than 10,000 pupils!

A trip to Benin is always filled with intensive discussions with the board of our partner NPO "Ecole de Solidarité", in order to better understand the worries and working conditions that concern supervision of the construction work of school projects. For Ms Toda and our partner NPO, it is very important that we come from Germany to visit our school projects. We also used the opportunity to inspect formerly built schools and to confirm their present condition. All schools are in good condition. The classrooms were neat and tidy. There is a very busy school life going on in each of those schools.

This makes us happy and gives us courage to continue our work.

In the middle of the year a letter reached us - a call for help - with the request to build a school in Niger. In the district of Tchiweten Ciminti, an educational center is to be set up for cattle holders. Schools exist only in larger settlements, while in the Tuareg areas only a few provisional tents are used as schools in an attempt to keep the children close to their parents.

A member of the board of the NPO "Ecole de Solidarité" has already traveled to Tchiweten and examined the possibility of obtaining building materials there. Local authorities offered him all support possible, so that the implementation of the project can be carried out in year 2017. This school marks the beginning of a sustainable development for this region. As we understand our work and our projects as sustainable, this project is a real peace project!

Still quite under the impression of my travel to Africa, filled with many memories and experiences of the friendly and peaceful people in Benin, I would like to thank all donors. I would ask you to continue to support us in giving this country the most important aspect of sustainable development - EDUCATION.

I wish you a blessed and merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.

Cordially Yours,
Wolfgang Rieve
President of the NPO Bildungswerk Westafrika e.V.

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