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Sponsoring program

Development and wealth of a country depend on the educational level of its population. This is the reason why we decided to construct schools in the rural areas off the beaten roads.

We supplemented this endeavor by a sponsoring program of individual children, which differs strongly from other sponsorships. Most sponsorship programs are offering only a low level of education to keep the cost for the sponsors as small as possible. They also aim to give impression that in the developing countries, much can be achieved with very little money. But this is only one side of the reality in these countries. Germany has a very strong and high-level public educational sector. It is hard to imagine that it could be otherwise, however, realities in countries like the United States or Japan are well known. The situation in the Republic of Benin is similar to those countries; very good education on an extremely high level is available only at private institutions, at an accordingly high cost.

By and large, we implicate ourselves in the sponsorship of gifted children of poor families.
The children of well-to-do families usually leave this country after they complete their education, or even beforehand obtaining their education abroad. Thus they are lost for the Republic of Benin. We search for gifted children and youngsters within the poor population. Our partner NPO “Ecole de Solidarité” in Benin has signed a convention of partnership with one of the best schools of this country. This is the school our children are attending. In case they have no family to support them, they are being taken care of in the home of Astrid Toda. Others attend school from their homes. Since these children and youngsters do not have the means to leave the country, they cannot but stay in Benin after obtaining their diplomas. They will be the ones to form the think-tank of the future, who will propel the country into a better life.

This scolarship program currently includes 18 children and young people.
A young man will obtain his master degree this year.
Two young women are in their first master year.
Another young man will obtain his bachelor degree this year.
A young woman and two young men are in their second year at university.
Another young woman and two more young men are in their first year at university.
A young man wants to do an on-the-job-training as a baker after having passed his Abitur last year and a young woman wants to be a pastry chef after she has passed her mid-term level last year.
Two girls will graduate from high school this year.
A girl and a boy are about to get their mid term level.
And our two youngest are still in elementary school.

Six of the young people we support already have their diploma. They have officially left the program.

How does the sponsoring program work?
Any amount that reaches our bank account with the indication "sponsoring program" in the space for applicability will be added to the common pot for sponsorships. Sponsoring some kids is more costly than others. Especially the school fees of gifted children often are beyond the possibilities of most individual sponsors. The creation of a common pot ensures that even small amounts will be used most efficiently. Another advantage is that every sponsor can decide by himself on the amount he can afford. And he is not forced to commit himself for a certain time in advance.

If you wish to have a closer relationship with your sponsored child, please feel free to contact us. Through a direct sponsorship, you will have the possibility to write to your child letters per post or per e-mail. If you wish, you could visit your child or make a phone call.

We ask for your understanding that we do not publish on our website any pictures of the children/youngsters who are being sponsored through our program for their protection.

The following sponsorships for professional training have been completed with success:

two hairdressers
one seamstress
one carpenter
one glazier
two drivers

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