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Texts on Astrid Toda's work

Most texts exist in German language only. If you are interested, please switch to the German version of this homepage.

Activity Report at “Ecole de Solidalité”
Mizue Akaishi (Japanese)

I was introduced from German public interest incorporated association called Humanet and had a chance to volunteered at NPO, “Ecole de Solidalité” for 3 weeks in November 2012

The main activities during the time were field management on building a school project, “Girls to school” project which support the locals to understand and improve the situations, preparing documents for different stakeholders, discussions over direction of “Ecole de Solidalité” and how education development should be, etc. Field experience of international development with “Ecole de Solidalité” had a great density of quality and 3 weeks went by so quickly.

On top of the important lessons of "Education sector" in development, I learned there are countless unknown risks and difficulties during the project management, conflicts and problem solving process with stakeholders who have various objectives, let the locals take responsibility and be participatory for each project etc. There are such important tasks and roles they are playing to make better differences. I had opportunity to think, "How development should be" deeply.

Throughout the whole time, Astrid and members of “Ecole de Solidalité” provided such a heartwarming and genuine support to me who is a beginner at development field. I am so grateful for everything about who they are and what they do and how they accomplish. I am honored to have experienced at “Ecole de Solidalité” and lessons I had with them will stay for the rest of my life.