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Projects in Sokponta / Kansounkpa / Plateau / Adjagbo

Public Secondary School of Kansounkpa
Public elementary school of Plateau

Study Hall of Sokponta, Commune de Glazoué, Republic of Benin

Sokponta is the capital city in the district of Sokponta, which belongs to the community of Glazoué. The city of Glazoué is located north of Dassa-Zoume, which is about 209 km north of Cotonou and has about 100,000 inhabitants. The region is characterized by large rocks. At Dassa-Zoume the road leads straight on to Parakou, another road branches off to the west and continues past Savalou to the north past Djougou to Natitengou. Sokponta is located on the road leading north from Dassa-Zoume. Sokponta has about 6,200 inhabitants.

In Sokponta, there is a primary school with a total of 298 pupils (including 152 girls), a preschool with 94 children (49 girls), and a secondary school with 742 pupils (327 girls). The parents live from agriculture (cotton, maize, cassava, etc.). Many children don’t have schoolbooks to review or prepare their lessons and to do homework.

For this reason, local leaders visited our NPO "Ecole de Solidarité" and asked for the construction of a study hall where the pupils would find all necessary books, do homework, and prepare for the examinations.

In 2010, we established a similar learning center in the Asohoue Cada region, which is still being visited daily by the students of the region.

Public Secondary School of Adjagbo, District of Akassato, Community of Abomey-Calavi, Republic of Benin

Adjagbo is a village within the district of Akassato. This district has a population of about 61,000 residents. The village itself has about 6,100 inhabitants, the population lives from agriculture, retail, and small craft. Many people commute to the city to earn their livelihood.

The School was founded in 2014, and students come from 10 surrounding primary schools to obtain high school education here. Parents have constructed one building that houses 2 classrooms and offices for the principal and the secretary. In addition, there is a shelter holding 2 classrooms. All rooms are clean and well maintained. There is a toilet block with 10 cabins.

In the school year 2015/2016, which is the 2nd year after foundation, 240 children attend classes in this school, of which 119 are girls. Students are supervised by 20 teachers who are paid by the government of Benin.