Health center of Gbedaconou

2002 we constructed the public primary school of Gbedaconou. Proposed and financed by Mr. Hirl we additionally constructed a health centre on the school premises. When running for the needed papers to open the centre we got caught up in politics. Since then I repeated the demand to open the centre every year. Finally in August 2011 we succeeded. The so desperately needed health station opened its doors for the local population. Thank you very much for the years of patience.
Health center of Gbedaconou

Community of Tori-Bossito
Republic of Benin

1500 Frauen sterben jährlich im Benin …

1500 women die every year in Benin …

Don‘t loose life the very moment
when life is being born.
Allow yourself a gap of 2 years between pregnancies.

Once you suspect a pregnancy consult a health center.

Deliver at a health center to assure help in case of any emergency.

Sozial-medizinische Station „Solidarité“

Social medical center „Solidarité“

Informations concerning the center:

Since the center was opened in August 2011 already
52 Babies were born and
234 patient cards were handed out.*
The main work is being accomplished by the young nurse / midwife and her 2 apprentices shown in this report. Once in a while a doctor is visiting the center. In case of emergencies the center is being connected with the community hospital of Ouidah which is at a distance of 20 km. We plan to purchase a car to faciliate the transport to the hospital of Ouidah.
Doctors of the industrialized nations who are willing to volonteer on private funds to work in this center during their holidays are more than welcome.
*As of: March/2014

Wohnhaus für die Betreuer der Krankenstation
Housing for the health workers of the center.


Toiletten und Duschen
Toilets and shower rooms


Die Veranda dient als Warteraum
The veranda serves as waiting hall


Rezeption und …
Reception and …


… erste Untersuchungen
… first health check


Hier werden Verletzungen versorgt
Here injuries are being taken care of


Stationäre Aufnahme 1
Space for hospitalization


Stationäre Aufnahme 2
Space for hospitalization


Entbindungsstation 1
Delivery section


Entbindungsstation 2
Delivery section


Das erste Baby 1
The first Baby


Das erste Baby 2
A skillful midwife


Mutter und Kind sind wohlauf!
Both, mother and child are in good condition!

Additional Information:

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