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Reading Competition

at the Public Primary School of Houngbagba

Our Beninese NPO “Ecole de Solidarité” is organising a reading competition at the public primary school of Houngbagba to enhance reading ability of the students and to encourage them to read. The new buildings of the school were constructed by our NPOs in 2011 (ref.: “finished school projects”). A German volunteer who is helping out at the school, has taken charge of the competition. Every day the students find fun in exercising to read. During the week of June 24th the preselection will take place. Six finalists will be chosen per class who will compete at the final to be held on July 11th. As prizes, school bags filled with school materials for the next school year have been prepared for the three winners of each class. But all other participants of the competition will also receive notebooks and ball-point pens as participation prizes. All prizes will be decorated with the symbol of the NPO which are being coloured by the students.






July 11th, 2013
Today, the final event of our reading competition took place. The children took the competition very seriously. In the weeks past, they had been exercising every day. During the pre-selection as well as at the final selection of the best readers from each class, some children were disappointed when the reading did not happen as smoothly as they had hoped. But when we distributed the participation prizes, smiles returned into their faces. The main winners were highly proud. We have the feeling that reading was accorded more importance in the mind of the children. Especially the engagement of our volunteer Carina has brought by a big change. She had applied a lot of her time to read with the students, which the children enjoyed tremendously. The children as well as we had a lot of fun during this activity.

reading in front of the jury


the best readers


everyone received a participation prize