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Measure CD*:

Production of moringa powder to improve child nutritionr

The moringa tree is widespread in Benin. But because the leaves are small, they are neglected in daily cooking. If they are used in sauces, they are well cooked and lose their nutritional value.

In Benin, some children suffer from severe malnutrition. Parents are poor and do not have the possibility to feed their children properly.



The leaves of the tree contain 18 of the 20 amino acids, including all the essential amino acids - i.e. the amino acids that are absolutely necessary for the human body, but which humans cannot produce themselves and which they must therefore absorb through their diet. In addition, the leaves are high in minerals and vitamins.

In order to improve the nutrition of children from poor families and all children and elderly people, we have integrated the production of moringa powder into our project work.

* CD stands for Capacity Development
"Making moringa powder for a better diet for children" in Gbodjoko
Report (February 2022) Report (February 2022) (pdf, 7229 kB)